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  • Printable Heaven DVD - Origami Cardmaking Collection

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    Description: This DVD is crammed full of 21 digital card kits, each featuring an origami embellishment such as cats, dogs, bunnies, shirts or swimsuits. Some of the kits also include miniatures to print and make for an extra special card. There's also another set of 24 sheets to make even more cards. In total there are over 150 sheets on this DVD to print and fold! Each kit also includes full instructions for making the card along with all the origami folding instructions with step by step images. Check out the kits which are on the DVD. n Create beautiful origami cats and dogs in two styles in super-fast time using our step-by-step picture instructions and our easy-peasy pre-printed sheets, complete with folding lines. Each kit contains 6 x A4 sheets to print in PDF format. Origami shirts have always been extremely popular for card-making but we've now gone one step further and produced some ready-done shirt papers that have guide-lines printed on them, making them a real doddle to make! These fabulous modern origami shirt cards are completed with miniatures to match. n Make wonderful, unique Easter cards this year with this fabulous Origami Easter Bunny card kit! These 2-part Easter bunnies are just as easy to make as our origami cats and dogs using our step-by-step instructions - couldn't be simpler! Each kit features 6 x A4 sheets. n Looking for an exciting idea for Father's Day and men's birthday cards? Look no further than these fabulous party origami shirt card kits! The icing on the cake with these card kits are the fantastic miniatures including miniature BEER and Cola cans, mini pizzas and burgers, ketchup and mustard bottles and a great bag of 'charcoal', ideal for barbeque card designs. n Origami swimsuits are the big thing this summer - everybody's making them! Our fantastic card kits include swimsuit papers that are ready-printed with guidelines that make swimsuit folding a real doddle! Not only that - we've teamed these fab swimsuits with some cute miniatures - a scrumptious cocktail, great suntan lotion, sunglasses, ice-creams, orange slices to cut out and much more. Here's another two kits featuring origami shirts. One with a Scottish football shirt and miniature lager cans and one with a check shirt and a whiskey bottle. n This Sharp Dressed Man set features 24 sheets, all A4 in size that you can use to m. Printable Heaven DVD - Origami Cardmaking Collection - shop the best deal online on

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