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  • Loqi Shopping Bag - Kristjana S Williams London

    Price: £9.95

    Brand: Loqi


    Description: This Loqi reusable shopping bag rolls down into a small compact pocket, perfect to throw in to a handbag or rucksack. Loqi bags are ideal for shopping, being able to carry heavy weights and a polyester material keeps the bag water resistant. Loqi bags include an internal pocket and a zip bag for storage. This design from designer Kristjana S Williams mixes the iconic London skyline with vivid patterns, bold colours and exotic creatures. The bag's design wraps around to feature a separate image on the back too Loqi bags are available in a wide selection of designs and artworks. - Brand: Loqi - Reusable roll-up shopping bag - Water resistant - Material: Polyester - Weight: 55g - Carry weight: Up to 20kg - Dimensions: 50cm x 42cm - Pocket dimensions: 11cm x 11.5cm - Handle length: 27cm. Loqi Shopping Bag - Kristjana S Williams London - shop the best deal online on

    Category: Bags

    EAN: 4260317660113

    MPN: KW.LO

    London Graphic Centre for filtered display

    Merchant: London Graphic Centre

    Product ID: L-7529000393