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Campus Raphael Oil Pastel Set of 24

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Brand: Raphael

Price: £10.50


Description: These Raphael Oil Pastels from Campus come in a set of 24 assorted colours, and have been engineered for school use along with a range of creative activities. Each pastel is very soft, straight forward to apply and use quality pigments for bold and intense colours. These oil pastels can be applied with a number of different techniques, the colours can be mixed, superimposed, stencilled, scraped and much more. They are all pigment and binder based, and will work on a range of different surfaces and media like paper, card, canvas, wood and more. The set if very affordable and well priced, each pastel measures 70 mm x 1 mm and comes in the following colours; White, Yellow, Light Orange, Chrome Yellow, Yellow Orange, Vermillion, Red, Dark Lake, Pink, Violet, Yellow Ochre, Red Brown, Dark Brown, Black, Grey, Azure Blue, Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Prussian Blue, Cobalt Green, Yellow Green, Green, Olive Green, Dark Green. - Brand: Campus - Set of 24 Oil Pastels - Each pastel is pigment and binder based - Bright and vivid colours - Work on a range of surfaces and media - Size: 70 mm x 11 mm.

Category: Arts and Crafts

EAN: 3046450021803

MPN: S62-K61B-240

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