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Category: Arts and Crafts

Brand: Steadtler

Description: Staedtler Triplus Fibre Tip Pens Pack of 10 This is a pack of 10 Triplus Fibre Tip Pens in assorted colours for colouring and drawing. Staedtler's fibre-tip pens produce a 1.0mm line and contain environmentally friendly, water-based ink with food colouring. The 10 brilliant colours are: black, brown, olive green, green, light blue, cobalt blue, dark mauve, red, orange and yellow. With their perfectly sized ergonomic, triangular barrel, these fibre tip pens enable effortless, fatigue-free writing and colouring. They are particularly easy to grip for smaller hands, and feature a polypropylene barrel guaranteeing long service life. These colourful pens are dry safe, so they can be left uncapped for days without drying up. Each pen has a ventilated cap conforming to ISO 11540 and BS 7272-1/2 (safety requirements for writing instruments with caps for children under 14 years), so you can have peace of mind when your kids use these pens. All 10 fibre tip coloured pens come in a Stand-up Staedtler box - simply flip the lid round to the back and it stands up freely. - Brand: Staedtler - 10 Triplus Fineliners - Storage wallet folds into useful stand - 1mm line width - Dry Safe system stops pens drying out if left open

Colour: Assorted

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Steadtler Arts And Crafts 1 to 1 of 1