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Spontex Art And Crafts

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Category: Art and crafts

Brand: Spontex

Description: Spontex Specialists Disposable Gloves are durable and multi purpose gloves that are suitable for contact and preparation of food including a range of other tasks. These nitrile disposable gloves are both powder free and latex free and are specifically designed to fit either hand. In total there are 100 disposable gloves in this box and they are all one size only. When using these gloves you should avoid contact with acetone and cetones, and these gloves are not suitable for extended use with harsh or strong chemicals. They are best stored away from any direct heat sources or sunlight. Spontex provides many professional products in larger packages that are uniquely made to cater for cleaning businesses and their needs. - 100 gloves - Latex and powder free - One size fits all - Made from nitrile - Multi-purpose and disposable

Colour: Blue

EAN: 3245420291899

MPN: 165002>

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Price: £6.65

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Spontex Art And Crafts 1 to 1 of 1