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Category: Art and crafts

Brand: Cre8

Description: A premium quality non reflective matt gaffer tape in red by cre8. The tape itself is made from a high cloth content for extra durability and strength and a natural rubber adhesive so once the tape is applied it will firmly stick to any surface you apply it to. To apply make sure your surface is dry and clean and the gaffer tape will adhere instantly and it can be removed without leaving any residue. This is great for people in every profession especially artists, theatre and film and tv production. The dimensions of the tape measure 6 mm in width and hold 25 meters of tape meaning you won't run out anytime soon. - Brand: cre8 - Colour: Red - Dimensions: Width 6 mm, Length 25 meters - Strong adhesive cloth tape perfect for many surfaces - Non reflective

Colour: Red

EAN: 5051739008053


London Graphic Centre for filtered display

London Graphic Centre

Product ID: L-7551000163


Price: £2.10

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Cre8 Art And Crafts 1 to 1 of 1