Needle felting

5 Reasons To Start Needle Felting Today

Getting involved in arts and crafts has many benefits. You can reduce stress, chase away the winter blues, spend quality time with kids, save money, and learn how to make something truly special. Often, crafts such as quilts, knitted blankets, and handmade items made from needle felting create the best heirlooms. Instead of having a generic gift as a childhood memory, crafts made by hand are often treasured for generations. Besides serving a purpose, crafts tell a story.

Reason #1: Pleasant way to spend downtime

Needle felting is a great way to relax and easy to learn. However, you can make increasingly advanced pieces as you improve. Needle felting is easy to learn but difficult to master. From there, you can choose what type of felting appeals to you most, from advanced landscape needle felt art to creating 3-dimensional toys or pieces of home décor.

Reason #2: Great family activity

Basic needle felting is easy for most children over the age of six to do. Instead of using patterns, you can utilize cookie cutters to help small children achieve a more polished effect. Big messes are not typical, and using needles is a safe option for children with supervision. Needles are less dangerous for children than common classroom and household items such as staplers. In addition to turning television time into family time, crafts can help children develop fine motor skills. Children under age 12 or so typically do not understand the abstract concepts of money and true gratitude, even if they might have been taught to say niceties such as “thank you.” Use crafts to teach your children skills as well as demonstrate what thank-you gifts and caring means.

Reason #3: Low cost

The cost of supplies for needle felting is relatively low. You also will not likely have to pay for pricy lessons to create a polished product. Like with any craft, practice is integral to success. However, there are many free videos and online tutorials to help you teach yourself. The startup costs will quickly pay for themselves in the event you make your own gifts instead of driving to the shops and purchasing multiple, generic items at a steep markup.

Reason #4: Make your own gifts and DIY projects

Making your own gifts is cost-effective in addition to giving small gifts a personal touch. You will never have to worry about a person already owning an identical item. Instead of purchasing knick-knacks from a large shop, give friends, family, and coworkers something more personal while not seeming ostentatious. No one likes a show-off. But, few people like to accumulate small, impersonal gifts that will probably end up being donated to charity or re-gifted several years later.

Reason #5: Start making a variety of projects to suit your tastes and needs

Needle felting is a very diverse craft. Simple projects for beginners include making original patches to decorate accessories such as shopping bags or hats with. More advanced projects can range from creating whimsical felt animals to abstract pieces of art or a unique spin on faux fruit used as kitchen décor.

One of the best aspects of learning the craft is that you can be successful the day your starter supplies arrive and later improve your skills to the point where you can create felt that is not only crafty but extraordinary. Learn the craft of needle felting to discover endless ways to make your life more beautiful and fun. Have a unique holiday décor that showcases multicolor stars instead of generic ornaments, give gifts that matter, and give something greater to your children. Not only can they keep memorable pieces, but they can later teach their kids the craft of needle felting and pass down heirlooms as well as traditions.